The Charter @ Lone Tree is a covenant-controlled community. Property owners and residents MUST comply with The Charter (Lone Tree Filing No. 1) Covenants whether or not assessments (dues) are paid to the Home Owners’ Association.

HOA membership is not mandatory. Complying with covenants is mandatory.

Exterior changes must be approved by Architectural Covenant Committee (ACC) before work begins!
  Allow 30 days for review and response. Mail form and supporting material to address on the form or contact any ACC member to arrange FAX, e-mail or hand delivery.  
  What type of work requires a request?  
  Roofing – Refer to ROOFING GUIDELINES updated October 2013  
  Painting – Refer to PAINTING GUIDELINES updated October 2013  
  Landscaping – Any change in design or addition of new materials (trees, shrubs, rock, ground cover, retaining walls, etc.) or decorative / functional elements (statuary, lighting, etc.).  Front yards need to have a lawn and at least 30% of the area must be covered with live material.  Approval is not required for general maintenance and removal of dead or overgrown shrubs and trees.   
  Fence, Patio, Deck, Walkway, Driveway - Any work other than repairs.  Include drawings / plans.  
  Free standing structures and equipment, roof objects (except satellite dishes), objects higher than six feet protruding from the ground, and permanent home additions – All must be submitted with plans, photos, lot diagrams.  
  Solar System – Submit plans, diagrams and information on amount of electricity to be produced.  
  Garage Door Replacement – Style, design or color changes (see Painting Guidelines too).  
  Window Replacement  - Style or design changes (color must adhere to Painting Guidelines).   
  Other things to know, including but not limited to:  
  Yard Signs – Professionally made “For Sale” signs, meeting covenant specifications are allowed.  “For Rent” signs of any type are not allowed.  Contractor signs are allowed only when work commences and must be removed 7 days after work is complete.  Campaign signs must be removed immediately following elections.  Congratulatory signs are allowed for a reasonable time.   
  Parking – Trailers, boats and recreational vehicles may be temporarily parked on driveways for up to 7 days.  No vehicles shall be placed on blocks/jack stands on driveway except on an emergency basis.  No vehicle shall remain unmoved on driveway for more than a month.    
  Trash & Recycle Cans, Discards & Debris – Must not be visible from the street (seasonal yard debris is permitted on a limited basis) other than when placed for trash service pick-up.  Do not move to curb earlier than the evening before, and remove containers the evening of scheduled pick-up.   Be mindful of holiday trash service schedule.  No items marked “free” are to be placed on driveway or sidewalk, except in conjunction with a garage / yard sale.  
  Holiday Decorations – Remove decorations and lighting no later than 30 days after relevant holiday, weather permitting.  

Architectural Covenant Committee (ACC)*

The Charter (Lone Tree Filing 1) ACC was formed to ensure that changes made to the exterior of properties, and maintenance of properties, within The Charter adhere to the covenants for Lone Tree Filing 1. This is not strictly making decisions and assessing compliance based on the details and limitations in the original document; it also involves interpreting the covenants for intent. To this end, guidelines are developed and will be posted here, from time to time, to explain what may or may not be permitted relative to property changes and use. Maintaining / improving the value and aesthetics of properties is of utmost importance.

In addition to reviewing requests for property changes, the ACC will also monitor the exterior “condition” of properties, notifying owners/residents if maintenance, such as painting or weed control, is necessary.

The ACC is made up of a minimum of three positions.

ACC meetings are scheduled once a month, but may take place more or less frequently as activities warrant. Please check with any ACC member for current schedule and meeting location.

  ACC Members      
    Joe Evancich
Phone: 303-916-1144
Anne Rafferty
Phone: 303-790-7987
    Rita Seifert
Phone: 303-768-8725
Kevin Furman
  * May be referred to as the architectural control committee or architectural review committee.  
  Page updated July 30, 2015      
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