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Annual Meeting:  Annual Meetings are held the first Wednesday of April at 7:00 p.m. at the Lone Tree Civic Center (Lower Level).
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Covenants:  These apply to every property in the Charter HOA Area.  [Read More]

Election:  Board Members serve 2 year terms and elections are held in April of each year. [Read More]

Membership in The Charter HOA:  Be a part of the official voice for The Charter HOA Area.  [Read More]

Neighborhood Watch:  Neighbors watching out for neighbors

Citizens in the City of Lone Tree:  We are part of a great city.

As previously noted in the HOA newsletter - This is the official posting location of all required “legal notices” pertaining to this HOA such as Nominating Committees, Elections, Candidates, etc. Such notices may/may not be sent via a hard copy newsletter but notices can ALWAYS be found here.

  Annual Sleigh Ride:  
  Please join us for a ride around the neighborhood, a visit with Santa and hot chocolate and cookies.  Not a member?  Bring your check for $35.00 for your 2017 dues.  If you would like to save yourself a stamp we will accept dues for the New 2018 Year too.  Hope to see you at the location listed below:  
                                                        When:  Friday, December 08, 2017  
                                                       Where:  Lone Tree Civic Center  
                                                          Time:  6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  
  Summer Yard Of the Month Winners:  

Each yard of the month winner receives a $50 gift card from Home Depot and the Yard of the Month sign in their yard for 30 days (you must be a HOA member to qualify.  Congratulations to the most current and previous winners.  You can view photo's of the winners yard by clicking on this [Read More] link provided.

Our August yard of the month winner is Rich & Sue Bristol, 9199 Seven Arrows Trail.

Our July yard of the month winner is Laura Henderson;  8256 Sweet Water Road.

Our June yard of the month winners are Alan & Barbara Woods;  8292 Lodgepole Trail.

  An important meeting - January 31st (Tuesday) at 7 p.m.

We have been asked to hold a meeting to discuss how we might become a mandatory association. There are
pros and cons to this idea. This meeting is to gather input from our residents as well as share with you some
history of our research into this over the years. Mark your calendar and plan to join us for this discussion as
it affects each and everyone of us. We want to do what is best for the majority.




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